Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Facts on Rotavirus

Rotavirus is a serious illness whose pattern is exactly like what the mini experienced (see pity party post). It lasts almost two weeks, and it's hell, peeps. Just so you don't think Poker Chick's exaggerating, the CDC calls it a "highly contagious disease that causes life-threatening diarrhea in young children". Each year, it kills 600,000 children worldwide.

Pictured, above: Evil little Rotavirus bug

In 2006 the FDA approved a vaccine for this, so for those with newborns if your doctor recommends it we seriously advise you to listen. The mini spent 3 days in the hospital the first time around and was rapidly dehydrated this time as well. Though it is uncommon to get a second time, at least so severely, the mini's pediatrician confirmed the rota diagnosis. Interesting side note: studies show that 69% of nurses can accurately identify a child infected by rota in minutes by the smell alone!

The upshot of all this though? Renewed confidence in Poker Chick's parenting skills! Or, at the very least, her uncanny knack for diagnosing viruses. She's not so clueless after all!

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