Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How Quickly News Spreads

Osama Bin Laden is dead.

You're expecting one of those "where were you" posts, or a lecture about how "we shouldn't celebrate the death of any human being, no matter how vile", aren't you?

We were tempted.  We could go on on some long "where were you when you heard the news bit", but that would be rather boring.  Also, we wanted to spare friends the mental visual of Poker Chick watching the news in bed in her really old, faded, stretched out pajamas.  (Whoops, so much for that one).

If you haven't already heard, one of the side stories of this momentous event was the speed with which it was reported.  In a recent post, we discussed etiquette in social media.  Today, we're awed by the power of social media.

Marketers we work with are all buzzing about the speed with which the news broke.  Over 5,000 tweets a second.  Per second, peeps. "Live-tweeting" from bystanders gave us a detailed recount of what went down.  And social media provided opportunity for instant reactions from our leaders who were apparently up all night on Facebook. 

This was tweeted by a little-known IT consultant at 4:30 EST Sunday. 
He had 16,000 twitter followers the next morning.
A few hours later...

Boy did this guy not realize what he was getting into.  You can read the full twitter conversation here and the full article in Fast Company here.  It's really a fascinating read.  If anything, skim it just to see the Google trends chart on what people were searching for after it was announced.  Trends were set.  Records were broken.  History was made.

Also, it's an easy read.  With lots of pictures. 

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