Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Fall Fashion**

Today is the start of fashion week in New York. By now many of you know the importance of fashion to Poker Chick (this should not be surprising, after all, she is rather vain). One of her many talents is "people watching", which is really just a more polite term for "mocking the unfortunate fashion decisions of others". Still, though Poker Chick is a Superhero she is not immune to the occasional fashion pitfalls herself.

Today, she was playing her classic game of "I have nothing in my closet". The rules are simple: put something on, then take it off. Put something else on, then take that off too. Mix the two together, take off something while hopping on one foot, try something else on, pull a random scarf or belt out with your free hand, grab a shoe with your mouth, and repeat several times. The game ends when you find fashion kismet or the buzzer rings. Why even play? You've got to be in it to win it, baby.*

The buzzer came first today. Poker Chick realized as soon as she stepped out of her building that the skirt she had decided to leave on required completely different panties than the ones she was wearing. She was committing a crime commonly known as "VPL". The horror! Those whispers and giggles you thought you heard all day? They were real. Yep, the joke was on her. The stress was enough to deepen her "laugh lines". But wait, there's a cream for that....

Let's all take a minute to pity our poor Superhero. Or, at the very least, have a nice laugh.

*One of the "benefits" of living in New York is trying to play this game each day with success. Put PC next to your Aunt Ida from Topeka in her knit pumpkin sweater, and PC's a champ! On the runway (er, street) that is NYC? Not so much. At the runway (er, office) that is an Ad Agency in NYC? Still, not so much.
**Anyone get the title yet?

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