Saturday, August 16, 2008

And the Gold for "Best Olympic Flub" goes to.....

There ere are so many laughable things coming out of this year's games it's almost no fun because it's too easy. Nevertheless, here you are, selects of Olympic ridicule. These can also be filed under the headline, "oh no they di'int!"

American runner, Tyson Gay. This may be old news to some but it's still relevant and Poker Chick had to make peeps aware of this one. OneNewsNow, a division of the American Family Association apparently took offense to the name of Tyson Gay, the fastest man on the US track team. See if you can spot the flub below:Did you catch the headline? Horror of horrors, there seems to be a homosexual ruining the games! Oh wait, that is Tyson Gay. Confused yet? Apparently they have software that does a mass find and replace on the word "gay". Somehow "homosexual" is a less offensive term to these peeps. (We can't quite figure that one out. Maybe they're appalled that the word "gay" is also associated with hapiness, and g-d forbid "gay" people should be happy? Who knows). Regardless, the software obviously caused a highly embarrassing boo-boo for them. But at the same time, Poker Chick would like to thank them, as they have contributed much-needed belly laughs for us all.

Poker Chick's going to assume all you peeps have already read about the lip-synching debacle during the opening ceremonies in Beijing. This article is a great summary. The whole situation left Poker Chick struggling with two questions:
  1. Did they really think no one was going to notice?
  2. What could possibly be considered wrong with a 7 year old who has crooked or missing teeth. Isn't that an inherent part of being 7? The only way to describe the reaction here is: W-T-F Chinese Olympic Production peeps?!
Chinese gymnastics team member He Kexin is really 13. Oh wait, China corrected that. She's 16! (yes, He is a she. Get over it). Obviously no one knows how old she (rather, He) really is, but we're ready and excited for the news to come because Poker Chick is convinced this one's not over until the fat lady sings. Oh, wait........ fat ladies probably can't sing in China either.

In the meantime, allow Poker Chick to suggest a new Olympic activity for spectators. It's called "guess the age of the Chinese gymnasts".

Poker Chick will start posting more often later this week, she swears. She's been caught up in new business. Much to her disappointment, the product was not "best Olympic respiratory mask".

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