Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Could Poker Chick Be Doing Something Right?

Bug Bites. She was covered in mosquito bites. She was putting gel on them, desperate for relief, and the mini noticed them and said "oh mommy!" in horror. She immediately jumped off the couch, leaving Dora and Swiper for a rare moment, and ran. "I'll make your boo boo better!" she shouted. Her sweet plan was foiled when the husband put mosquito allergen and mini's mouth together in his head and decided it was not the best idea to have the two meet.

So he thanked the mini for her sentiment and told her she couldn't kiss it on top of the lotion. She shrugged and said "ok" and ran back to the tv. But then she stopped and said excitedly "I have an idea!" And without saying a word she ran to Poker Chick, opened her arms, gave her a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek, smiled, and ran back to her snack on tv as if nothing happened.

Damn, that's one sweet kid. Where the heck did she learn that?

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ALM said...

I know. I totally love moments like that!