Friday, August 29, 2008

Excuse Me, Did You Just Pour Salt On Your Fudge?

And the answer to that is yes. Yes, Poker Chick did. How did this happen? Well, it goes back to the mini having food allergies.

A trip to all local fudgeries resulted in only two flavors without nuts. Chocolate and Vanilla. Very exciting, huh? Notice the sarcasm. Unfortunately, the most delicious-looking flavor was the peanut butter but sadly it was not to be.

So we improvised. Once the kids were asleep Poker Chick had the idea to take a spoonful of Soy Nut Butter and put it on her chocolate fudge. Only this stuff isn't as salty as peanut butter so it usually needs some to taste like it. One bite and she realized it had potential, just needed salt. But the idea of pouring salt on fudge? Gross!

She was dared to do it and it was good! And that is how she found herself, pouring salt over a fudge/soy nut butter "schmear" that she made up.

Damn, it was goooood. Don't knock it until you try it, peeps.

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Anonymous said...

PC you crack me up. Not to totally gross you out, but a new 'fair food' surfaced this year (us backwoods midwesterners love our state fairs). Anyway, tidbits called "pic lickers". just you guess what they are...

chocolate covered bacon pieces with sea salt...and no, I did not try them, but they did get quite a review...

Now you can be grossed out. And your 'schmear' sounds really good.