Saturday, March 12, 2011

First Grader in Center of Food Allergy War

Posting this because it's an important controversy.  Makes me ill to see this happening.  Threats to put peanut oil in a first grader's food?  Make no mistake, this is now a civil rights issue, peeps.

Please read this to get an understanding of what parents are up against.  Use this reminder of how ugly the hate and pushback can be to pat yourself on the back for being a bigger person than these peeps.   

Actual sign from parents picketing at Tampa elementary school
Are you sick yet?  You can read more here:

Lighter posts coming soon, we promise.  But this is important.

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Wendy said...

Someone should add: Did you know this child could die if we didn't do this? Or is a holiday celebration more important than a child's life?? And holiday celebrations always took away from academic time in my classroom. And I'm pretty sure the death of a classmate (or even having to witness a scary allergic reaction) would take away some more time from teaching as well.
More and more lately I've been finding that whole groups of people are just selfish morons.