Monday, August 6, 2012

A Weekend in Vegas, Screenplay-Style

Rather than a diary, it was suggested we convey the excitement that is a girls' weekend in Las Vegas through dialogue.  As a bona fide delusional aspiring screenwriter we thought we'd give it a try.


Two chicks sit by the pool in their sunglasses, sipping drinks.

Cabanas by the pool that they enjoyed in their dreams.

This is so relaxing...

[Poker Chick]
I know! By the way, just curious, why is your underwear still hanging up in the bathroom?

Huh? That's not my underwear. I thought it was yours.

[Poker Chick]
No way! I thought it was yours!

Sudden looks of realization and disgust.


We shudder wondering where these might have been


2pm.  K-girl is the only woman in a poker table full of men.  The dealer deals her two cards, face down.  K-girl takes a peek, carefully guarding them out of sight.  She gets up and shoves all her chips in the center of the table.  The man to her right immediately calls.  She gets up and flips over an Ace King.  He looks at her smugly and flips over two aces.  The dealer deals five cards face up in the middle of the table, and shoves all the chips towards the man.

K-girl walks over to the next table, where Poker Chick is sitting at an otherwise all-male table.  She looks down at a sad "stack" of chips in front of her girlfriend.

Looks like you'll be out soon, huh?

[Poker Chick]
Sure looks that way.

Ok, come find me at blackjack when you're done.

[Poker Chick]
(not looking up)
K. See you soon.

1 hour later......

K-girl walks back into the room and eyes a huge stack of chips in front of her friend.

Looks like you'll be here a while, huh?

[Poker Chick]
Looks that way.

Ok, come find me at the blackjack table when you're done.


K-girl sits in front of a blackjack table.  Poker Chick walks up.


[Poker Chick]
8th.  Only top 3 pay out.  Still, 8th!!

She takes out $100 and sits down next to her friend.  Many giggles and high five's ensue over the course of the next few hours.  Finally, the two chicks walk away, each carrying about $250 in chips.

[Poker Chick]
Sigh.  I love gambling.

Me, too!!!


The two friends sit at a table with sign that reads "Switch Blackjack".

[Poker Girl]
What do I do? Am I switching these?

Yes. And then double your 11!

[Poker Chick]
Gulp. More money on the table?  Okay, this is my last $30 after I put back the $100 I started with. When that's gone I'm done.

1 hour later....

[Poker Chick]
Last hand for real this time.

Ahhhh.....Blackjack Switch.  A brilliant maneuver by casinos to take your money twice as fast.

INT. CASINO CASHIER - 1 hour later

Poker Chick and K-girl walk away laughing as PC holds a crisp $500 bill.  A burly man at the cashier looks K-girl up and down.

[Burly man]
Young lady, can I see some ID?

I love gambling.

[Poker Chick]
Me too!


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