Thursday, August 2, 2012

The 30,000 Foot Update

We're on our way to Vegas to meet up with K-girl, and things are looking promising.

Arrived at the airport with enough time for an iced coffee.  Laughed silently at the man in line behind buying a beer at 9:40am. Found a 10-minute manicure station right in front of our gate.  This brought back memories of years past when we flew weekly for work, when we'd travel with our work buddies A&A and used the frequent delays in Indiana to get a margarita, chips and guac bring it next door to consume over pedicures.  (We have yet to find a better way to survive an airport delay!)  Sadly, the manicure lady, herself a mother of four grown girls took it upon herself to lecture us on divorce. She clearly is among the "you stay together no matter what" camp.  It took everything we had to bite our tongue.  Seriously, lady not all ladies traveling to Vegas are totally-immoral-gambling-degenerates.  No really, it's true!  Look up "totally immoral gambling degenerate" in the dictionary and you will not find mommies from NYC who like manis and pedis.  We swear.

Now, anyone who's ever taken the NYC-Vegas morning flight will be used to the number of sleeping passengers.  While it seems counterintuitive to sleep like that in the middle of the day, the sight of all those people clearly gearing up for a long night is rather amusing when you consider it in that context.

However, yours truly is working, not sleeping.  Working on a deck for work (please tell me most of you know what that means?)  After over an hour of sitting with the fasten seatbelt sign - apparently due to heavy turbulence we have yet to feel - we decided we needed a stretch and lavatory visit.  After passing the flight crew despite the safety lecture from them, we went back to them, tail down, with a broken lock on the door that fell off in our hand.  Clearly clumsiness knows no bounds. 

However all this aside -- the part of our travels thus far? Winning the "lucky seat" game and getting free wifi.  So y'all have Delta to thank for this boring and uneventful lovely update.

And who said airlines don't give anything for free anymore?

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