Thursday, November 8, 2012

Unnatural Nature in NYC

Well, peeps, its come to this. A tropical hurricane and a winter storm all within barely a week of one another. A hurricane in New York at any time is rare. A hurricane in October even rarer. A winter storm in early November is rare. A storm on the heels of a hurricane is unprecedented. 
Has this ever happened anywhere in history? We'd venture to think not, but if anyone can find examples to cite, we're all ears as we'd love to hear evidence to refute the scary implications of an unprecedented freak show of weather in this state.

Many of you have inquired as to how we fared with these storms. Fortunately, we kept our power and are fine. Sadly, many others are not, and it is them we have been thinking of.  As for lessons learned, we now know that we are a total scaredy cat and should not weather storms as the only grownup in the home next time. The only person crying like a baby should be the mini. Just sayin'...... (In our defense that was some wind though.)

Meanwhile, the freakish fall snowstorm brought up memories of our post last year, The Halloween Horror Snow. One of our all-time favorites, so please to enjoy.

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