Friday, October 12, 2007

How to Break Poker Chick's Heart

So while the mini seems to enjoy school (sort of) the separation process is not going as easily as Poker Chick had hoped. Today we finally acknowledged that she was only torturing her child by being there through the day when she is normally at work. So she left in the hopes that the screaming tantrums, leg biting and hair pulling would eventually subside. Cut to the evening. PC tries to ask about school.

"What did you have for snack?" "Nothing". Her eyes are serious and her expression intense.
"Challah?" "No". "Graham crackers?" "No. I didn't eat anything."
"What songs did you sing today?" "No songs."

"Did you read a story?" "No."

"I saw you sitting with your teacher, what did you do?" "I wasn't with my teacher."

Exasperated, PC pulled out the only weapon she had left:
"Did you go to the playground today?" "Yes." Aha! Success! Let's go with it!
"What did you do on the playground?" "Nothing." Uh oh.
"Why not?" "Because...because...I wanted you." And then she stares me down for a full minute to see how I react. I'm speechless. Finally she smiles and screams "But now you're home and I so happy and I'm going to give you a BIG hug!" and throws herself on top of me.

Yikes, and ouch. When did this kid learn to articulate feelings? And is she doomed for a lifetime of therapy before even making it out of toddlerhood? If somebody could help talk Poker Chick off a ledge, that'd be cool.

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Emily said...

Oh, she's fine. Kids pull this all the time when they first start school (except mine, who only cried when I picked him up -- every day. Talk about an ego boost.) But, all the other kids in his school have gone through some period of guilt-tripping their parents. Totally normal. Which would make her the only totally normal person in your house :)