Sunday, October 21, 2007

Huh? I can't quit if I want to?

After nearly a year of no visits to the gym Poker Chick conceded defeat and admitted that if she hadn't worked out by now it just wasn't going to happen. So she grit her teeth and focused on something positive: getting that $100 a month she was throwing away back. Should be easy, her 1 year contract period was long gone.

She picked up the phone. Called several numbers. Was finally told she had to cancel in person. She went to a club near work. Was told she had to cancel at the club she signed up at. She went on a Saturday, about 5:15. She was told the manager worked 9-5 and she had just missed him; she'd have to come back another time. Poker Chick was starting to get angry, but tried to work the system. OK, when was the manager coming in? Sunday until 3 or next Saturday? Great.
Only she tried next Sunday. Just her luck: the manager had called out sick that day. Yeah, right.

So she came back the following Saturday when she knew someone would be there. Here's how the conversation went: "Hi, I'm looking for someone to help me with membership?" (Poker Chick had learned thus far that the word 'cancellation' caused bizarre explanations to begin right away.) "Sure, miss, the manager's on duty - go in the back and to your left!" "Great, thanks!" Poker Chick walks up to the man behind the counter. "Hi, I'm a member, and I was hoping you could help me resolve an issue?" "Sure, what can I do?" "I'd like to cancel." His expression changed. "Oh, I'm sorry. Only a manager can do that." "But I thought you were the manager?" "No, I don't know who told you that. The manager only works until 3 on Saturdays." It was 3:10. How f*cking convenient. Except Poker Chick had already learned the "manager" works until 5 on Saturdays.

Poker Chick decided enough was enough. They were making it physically impossible to quit, and she wasn't having any of it. She said her piece and said she wasn't leaving until someone either canceled for her or promised it would be done Monday. Finally a "manager" miraculously appeared. And it was canceled. But guess what? There's a 30-day notice cancellation period so Poker Chick would be charged for another month.

Excuse me? We've been trying to cancel this freakin' thing for over a month! I don't think so. The battle's just begun. This bony-ass chick is gonna make some noise.


Anonymous said...

I used to belong to a gym. It was impossible to quit, especially when I was told that the gym had changed owners in the year since I had last worked out.

Anonymous said...

I love that you put the gym logo on the post.