Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

The first trick-or-treating for the mini reminded Poker Chick of her own first experience. 8 years old, she went with her mother. Remember the mother in this case is a foreigner with no concept of Halloween. It was laughable. She didn't know what houses to go to, didn't know what to say when knocking on the door, and didn't leave the driveway light on and then wondered why no kids came to their house. Poker Chick felt a bit like that trying to get her kid to say "trick or treat". It came out great before the door opened, but the mini went shy once a stranger appeared. So Poker Chick was saying the "trick or treat" and putting the candy in the pumpkin. Two floors later and we get "I want to go home, Mommy." History sure does repeat itself in bizarre ways.*

Still, Halloween does have its strong points. Candy. Mmmm, candy. Cute kids at your door. Entertaining teenagers. And the best part? Getting to add to the pet peeve list.

*A hint to the mini's costume: repeat the second half of "bizarrrrre"

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