Saturday, October 27, 2007

Personalities For Sale

OK, Poker Chick reads BusinessWeek. And she's finally come to the conclusion that half the world's gone meshuggah. This article is a perfect example. People pay this woman more than a salary per year to "get" their kid into college. Not appropriately outraged? Perhaps it sounds benign to you that she would "advise" a child to give up track instead of music for the school of their dreams. The dreams they're told to have.

"Year After Year, 95-100% of Dr. Hernandez's Students Receive Acceptance Letters to their Top Choice Colleges!"

Of course they do. It's much easier to have a good rate when you tell kids what their top choice is in advance. These are middle school kids having their future personalities handed to them on silver platters. What happens when they get into the "perfect school", perhaps even graduate and realize they're ill-prepared to handle life without someone telling them what to do and how to feel about it all? What happened to the freedom to explore who you are on your own? Does nobody else have a problem with this?


ALM said...

I totally have a problem with that, and am already freaking out about what sort of world it's going to be when my kids are thinking about college... Scary stuff!

Emily said...

I have more of a problem with the kids whose parents CANNOT afford to buy them futures. How do they compete with those who have had an acceptance purchased for them?