Monday, June 2, 2008

Sometimes the only way to describe a trip is to show the signs

We'll start with food. Sadly, the camera ran out of battery power before we could photograph the dutch apple pie. That's a damn shame.

Mmmmm.....Dutch curry. Appel Sap. Fries.

Later are the signs that made Poker Chick
laugh out loud, by herself, in public. Embarrassing, yes. But funny!

The last sign on this page had Poker Chick sh*tting bricks. It took her a while, but she finally figured out that "vertraag"means "delayed". The "vertraag" ended up being over 25 minutes, which meant yours truly was running like a fiend to make her plane when she finally got to the airport. It might have been easier if they said it was "late" instead. That one would just be "laat".


Anonymous said...

I like the sign Cafe Zool. I am sober and I drink beer. Hahaha.

:) Love your pictures!

Anonymous said...

WHy is it all I crave these days is juice?