Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mad About MadMen

Suuuuch an original headline, we know. Anyway.

If you're not already watching MadMen, you should be. Thanks to shameless self-promotion this season's viewers actually include people outside the ad biz too. Though a dark satire, it's still the closest comparison on film Poker Chick's ever seen to reality in this industry. And it's just an unbelievably well-written program, an artifact these days thanks to reality TV. But Poker Chick's not here to review a show.

She's here to bitch about the wives. Sitting at home, cooking and cleaning. Wearing pearls and lace bras and mixing drinks before their husbands get home. Seriously? Who the hell vacuums in pearls and full makeup? Isn't it a g-d given right as a mother to let yourself go if you're going to spend your day cleaning spit up? Can any woman reading this please just take a moment and thank g-d we do not live in 1960?

Now that she's off her soapbox, note that Poker Chick is not the only one that takes offense to this.* Gray Matter, in this post, has already casted the appropriate outrage at our industry, and it's much funnier than we could have written. So enjoy. And don't blame the show. They're just telling it like it was. With a great deal of hyperbole for dramatic effect.

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You are simply fantastic. Thanks for the shout out!

Yes, I love, lurve, looooovvvveee this show. I was raving about it last year to anyone who would listen, but when the first few episodes started this season I panicked. The "previously on Mad Men" didn't really do it justice. So here I sat, worried that everyone I commanded to watch it would be showing up at my house with pitch forks. Thankfully this past episode put it right back on top. There have been so many scenes (like where Don is selling the client on the "carousel" slide projector) that almost made me cry and almost, almost made me miss advertising.

This show is remarkable and anyone who's not watching it is a...square.

Now, as far as the wives. I actually have decided that they are totally not about house and home. All "Bits" does is ride horses and look impossibly beautiful at all times. The maid does the rest.

And you know I loved your title--but then again my blog is brimming with puns so...