Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why can't you just eat a friggin' pretzel instead?

Recently, a fellow food allergy mom got the following comment on her blog in response to a discussion of banning peanuts on airplanes:

“I have to say that peanuts or any food should not be banned in any way. These allergy sufferers need to manage their problem. If you can’t manage it, then don’t fly! It certainly won’t stop me from cracking open a bag of nuts on a plane whether they serve it or not.”

This type of comment is all-too-common and it's important for people to know this before we can address this type of ignorance.   After encountering way too many people like this, Poker Chick has two things to say:
  1. Most people we've met are thoughtful, concerned and willing to try.  So to the friends, family, neighbors who've gone out of their way to include mini and help her have as normal a childhood as possible - you have no idea how much your kindness means to us.
  2. For those of you who don't deal with food allergies on a regular basis:  are people really this stupid, or are they just assholes?

Please visit Kelly's blog, read her most recent post, and pass it on.

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