Monday, June 9, 2008

How do you kiss your kids goodnight?

Note: This post is intended to be a clean and honest discussion about a common but odd parenting question. Any perverts out there that think otherwise need not respond.

All you parents out there (hopefully) kiss your kids. Where you may differ is how. Poker Chick, for example, aside from not being especially touchy-feely, is also not a mouth kisser. Cheek. Forehead. Nose. Bellybutton. All fine. But not mouth. It just feels odd to her and her parents weren't like that. As such, you peeps best not be kissing the mini on her mouth either.

With your kid, however, you can do whatever the heck you want. Some close friends of Poker Chick's do exactly that. They kiss both their boy and girl on the mouth and don't think anything of it. Now, before you pass judgement you should know these are rational, educated people and also great parents with great kids. They were raised that way and they both seem to have come out all right. If that's how they roll, who are we to judge?

Poker Chick was together with these friends the other day and it came out that they did not realize there were people out there that did not kiss their kids on the lips. Similarly, other friends in this discussion had a theory that they were also the only people they knew that did, in fact, do the kissing on the mouth thing.

Poker Chick believes that both schools exist in droves. So, peeps, speak! Take the anonymous survey (right) and let the world know!  


ALM said...

Nope. No lips. Never kissed (or was kissed by) my parents on the lips, either.

BUT - I know plenty of people who do.

Also - how about the "man kiss"? Male relatives who kiss each other hello/good-bye? I have some relatives who do that.. & not that there's anything WRONG with it - but I definitely notice...

Anonymous said...

J does not kiss on the lips. But, Zachary started kissing us on the mouth, so I followed his lead. I don't kiss Benjamin on the mouth much, b/c it is open and slobbery, but when he comes in with a mouth kiss, I reciprocate.

And, if female relatives can kiss hello/goodbye, why not males?

Anonymous said...

YES! If it is done with pure parental love and affection (and the kids age is still in the single digits)